Toddler Banana biscuits milk porridge recipe

Toddler Banana biscuits milk porridge recipe – Toddler Banana biscuit milk porridge is an easy dish for your baby's MPASI menu. Made from crushed biscuits, then give banana fruit and formula milk. Soft and sweet texture that fits perfectly well for babies aged 6 months to 9 months. To make this toddler banana biscuit milk pulp is very easy and practical.

Toddler Banana biscuits milk porridge recipe
Toddler Banana biscuits milk porridge recipe

For you young mothers who are looking for recipes to eat healthy toddlers, the baby porridge of banana milk crackers can be an appropriate daily infant menu. Banana fruit rich in nutrition with biscuits added is one of the menu to eat a good toddler. You can present the toddler banana biscuit milk porridge as the other baby porridge you commonly give. For example for a wholesome breakfast, lunch or dinner.

For recipe of Toddler banana biscuit milk that we share this time we will use the banana fruit Ambon yes. Do not forget to choose a perfectly cooked, aiming so that when the banana is crushed soft texture and not clot. Well, for his bisquat selection, choose milk biscuits for babies with a soft texture yes. Never use the original biscuit without regard to the texture of the biscuit itself.

And for the formula milk used, select also the right formula milk and fit for your toddler's age. Well, that's him things that should be noticed while going to make this toddler banana biscuit milk pulp. For young mothers who have just learned to feed healthy toddlers, it feels a little bit of it. Yes, that's because your toddler's health is determined from now, so that what your toddler eats is cultivated for its wit and health, not the origin of the tasty and not the right content.

Okay, for those of you who want to try to present a porridge share the toddler. Please look at the fine ingredients and how to make a healthy toddler banana biscuit milk like the following. Good luck, hopefully you love toddler ya 

Toddler Banana Biscuit milk pulp ingredient:

4-Chip Milk Biscuit
Banana Ambon 1 piece (Choose a mature)
Formula milk 250 Mili liter

How to make a toddler banana biscuit milk Pulp:

The first step is to destroy milk biscuits, then soak with milk until fluffy.
Next, a wrinkle of the banana fruit with a spoon, then mix into the biscuit money is soaked with milk earlier. Stir, lift. Then insert it into the container.
The easy and practical banana biscuit milk is ready to be served in infants.

Selection of Ambon banana fruit that has a high enough sugar levels so it tastes sweet and kids will love it. Other than that, the concentration rate is also high so it is beneficial to prevent sambelite in children. For nutritional value per serving has energy: 393 kcal, Protein: 13 grams, Fat: 11.9 gram, carbohydrate 60.5 gram, so it is fitting for a toddler meal menu 6 months – 9 months. Happy to try and create your own with the Toddler banana biscuit milk pulp recipe share ya. Hopefully useful, so many.

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