Red rice porridge recipe for toddlers

Red Rice porridge is one of the menus that deliberately made for toddlers. For mothers with toddlers, eating red rice porridge is very suitable for you to give to your little one. Not just how to make it easy, this one is also very healthy, so it is very good for your toddler who is in their infancy. Besides being nutritious, this porridge also has a very soft texture so it is very easy to digest the SIA stomach. In addition to being given to toddlers, this food is also very suitable for sick parents. Well, here is a recipe how to make red rice porridge for you.

Red rice porridge recipe for toddlers
Red rice porridge recipe for toddlers


600 ml chicken broth
10 tbsp milk formula
1 BH Carrot (cut small and boiled until soft)
3 tbsp sweet orange juice
150 Gr Brown Rice

Making process:

Wash red rice first with water flowing to clear rice laundry water.
Then soak for 5 hours in water, then drain.
Puree the rice soaked with a smooth dipumbu to perfection.

Sieve the rice that was pounded to make the result softer and smoother.
Blend the red rice flour with the chicken broth, stirring evenly.
Then cook with small fire while stirring until cooked evenly, lift.
Mix with formula milk, stirring evenly.

Put an Irirsan carrot stew and then with a juice of sweet oranges.
Now the red rice porridge is ready to be eaten by the little ones.

Easy and one-stop how to make this red rice porridge. Be sure to make this nutrient-rich meal for a small one that really needs adequate nutritional intake for its growth. Good luck.

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