Crispy Tofu Recipes Walik Aci Krispi

Have know pong at home but confused mau made what? Make snacks fried with tofu walik stuffing tapioca flour. This is a recipe that can be tried at home.

Crispy Tofu Recipes Walik Aci Krispi
Crispy Tofu Recipes Walik Aci Krispi


10 pieces know pong
4 tbsp plain flour
3 tbsp tapioca flour
1 leek, thinly sliced
250 ml water
1 tsp salt
broth powder to taste
Subtle seasoning:

2 cloves garlic
3 cloves garlic
How to make:

Cut tofu pong so the two and remove the contents.
Boil water to taste, stir in herbs, salt to taste, the chicken broth, and scallions. Stir well until. Turn off the heat.
Stir in the flour and tapioca. Mix well.
Back out and fill the dough into it. Do until exhausted.
Fried tofu walik aci until browned and dry krispi.
Know walik ready to be enjoyed with cayenne pepper, sauce or even soy sauce. Try to create your own movie!

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