4 Recipes healthy Food for children aged 1 year

The fruit of the heart is a gift for parents. As the age of the child grows, the nutritional needs of the nutrients will differ. When the baby has been at the age of 1 year, usually have been given a companion meal (MPASI). Well, we can make a food menu for our child with a balanced nutrition, remember-remember the nutrients are balanced. Do not forget also, always give ASI until the child turns 2 years old, such as his teachings Rosulullah. 

4 Recipes healthy Food for children aged 1 year
4 Recipes healthy Food for children aged 1 year

Here are some menus for children with 1 year's age.

1. Chicken Team Rice

To make the chicken team rice this chopped ingredients are needed very easily. Mothers only need to prepare the ingredients as follows.


Soft rice, approximately half a plate
Chicken milled
Egg yolks
Salt to taste
Small chopped vegetables
For the ground chicken, make sure the rice is gently shaken, because the stomach of the child who is 1 year old still not perfect. Egg yolks are meant to add protein in our food menu this time. Then the vegetables are in small chopped useful for the addition of minerals, iron, and vitamins.

The way to make it very easy, all the ingredients are mixed in one bowl, then stir until blended until fully blended into one. Then the team for a few minutes, after that serve. Do not feeding child when the food is still hot yes, pity his son, hehe.

2. Yellow Corn milk sweet porridge egg

This sweet corn milk porridge looks attractive to children, especially with the yellow color of the extra egg yolks. Here's a recipe from this one menu.


100 grams of Pipil sweet corn
1 grain egg yolks
25 grams grated cheese
100 ml ripe water
3 tablespoons milk powder

How to make it very easy, first mix all ingredients in addition to grated cheese. Then blend until smooth, after that filter by using a smooth sieve and discard the sand. Cook the Blenderan that has been filtered before it matures. After a ripe lift then serve with grated cheese topped, it is better eaten while warm.

3. Know the Team

Tofu is a soy-based food. Protein content in the know is also high, so good for child growth. Here the materials and ways of making the team know this.


50 grams of shredded carrots
50 gram tofu chopped
50 grams of red or white rice flour
500 ml water
20 grams of spinach leaves
50 grams of tomatoes that have been cut into small pieces
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
How to make it quite easy, first enter the rice flour, tofu, as well as carrots into a heat-resistant bowl. Stir until well blended, then team dough until cooked. While the dough is in-team, put all ingredients while diaduk-aduk, cook until cooked. Strain the tofu team and serve it with tomato water.

Water tomatoes are also easy way to make it, just need to soak tomatoes into the freshly boiling hot water. After that destroy the tomatoes to be taken water. Add enough sugar to the tomato water and mix it to know which team is ready. The Tofu team is ready to be presented, do not forget anymore, eat to the child do not hot-hot yes, pity his son.

4. Carrot Biscuit

If the menu is heavy-weight, now the snack menus NIH.


200 gram Butter
250 grams of apples, which have been mashed
250 gram milk Powder Advanced formula
4 eggs
250 grams of carrot, which has been shredded
450 grams of wheat flour

How to make carrot biscuits is quite easy, just a long process AJA. First, shake the butter using mixer until whitened. Add apples, eggs, and carrots and stir until blended.

Mix the wheat flour and milk powder, then stir until blended. Put a mixture of wheat flour and milk powder into butter whisk little by little, stirring until blended.

Take the dough with a spray and then flatten it, then put it in a baking sheet that has been spread margarine. Then bake in the oven for 20 minutes (depends on the heat of the oven also, oven before use should be heated first) until the color changes to brownish yellow.

Now, that's some menu you can make for your fruit. Keep in mind yes, do not nambahin flavourings if we cook for our children, what else is still small.

Stay healthy and be happy with the next menu menu.

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