3 Healthy daily Toddler Food Recipes

3 Daily healthy food recipes for toddlers – a healthy eating Menu for toddlers is an obligation to be considered by the mothers. Because in these times the child in the period of growth and develop by activating all the senses they have.

3 Healthy daily Toddler Food Recipes
3 Healthy daily Toddler Food Recipes

In times like these, toddlers tend to have a lot of curiosity high and active in every respect. This time is a time when toddlers continue to explore the surrounding environment on a scale that is further from day to day.

Therefore, to support the growing flower of the toddler, is an obligation that really should be considered for the mothers at home to prepare a menu of healthy and nutritious food that can be consumed by your toddler. For healthy Menu The toddler can be obtained from food sources consumed by children on a daily basis.

Such as staple food, supporting foods or fresh fruits that are in the delicate juices such as juice and so forth. But the problem that often arises is when your toddler has difficulty eating. READ ALSO: Red rice porridge recipe for toddlers

This of course can make our mothers and their own homework for the mother to keep her diet. Providing balanced nutritional intake to the child who is in the age phase of a healthy toddler as needed is an important task.

You don't want to see your toddler Limden and inactive due to insufficient nutritional intake instead? Well, if the mother is confused about the healthy menu like what to prepare to your toddler at home, here we will share 3 healthy food recipes daily for the hard-to-eat toddlers. READ ALSO: 4 recipes and healthy toddler food Menu

The meal Menu that we will share of course is a recipe that we have been special for a good and nutritious toddler, how to make it easy, the mother will not be difficult in making a variety of healthy food creations toddlers that we will share this. Okay, please refer to the fine three healthy food recipes for daily toddlers below.

1. Toddler Cheese Team Rice recipe

Toddler Cheese Team Rice recipe

Toddler Cheese Team Rice
In making cheese team rice for the fruit of your heart, then mother need to prepare the materials needed, including the following.

Ingredients of rice team cheese:

White rice 250 grams (clean wash)
Margarine 2 tablespoons
Onion 1 clove (finely chopped)
Beef marrow 100 grams (finely chopped)
Chicken stock 600 milliliter
Powdered pepper 1 teaspoon (optional)
Salt 1 tablespoon
Pramesan cheese 25 grams (grated)

How to make Rice Cheese team:

The first step is to heat the margarine in a hot waist, then enter the Onion. Stir fry until fragrant.
Then enter the beef marrow and rice that has been washed clean. Stir until the ingredients are blended well.

After that, enter the broth, pepper, salt, and cheese, then cook until cooked and all the broth is absorbed into the rice so that the rice becomes rice.
Lift, then serve while hot.
For complementary ingredients, you can add an additional grated cheese topped to add a savory flavor to the rice of the cheese team you make.

2. Chicken Team Rice recipe

Chicken Team Ingredients:

Half boiled rice 80 grams
Carrot 100 grams (shredded)
Tomato 50 grams (sliced small-small)
Chicken Milled Beef 50 grams
1 grain egg yolk
Salt to taste
Water to taste

How to make Chicken team rice:

The first step is to combine all ingredients into a heat-resistant bowl.
Then add water, then stir until all the ingredients are immersed perfectly.
Next put the heat-resistant bowl into the team's pot, then the team for a few minutes then lift it up.
Taraa.. Chicken Rice team ready to be served to your beloved fruit.

3. Brockoli Potato Porridge recipe

This broccoli potato porridge is one of the food recipes that become a favorite for toddlers because it tastes delicious and able to stir the appetite. The following are the ingredients used to make the Brocoli potato slurry.

Ingredients of broccoli porridge:

Lean chicken Meat 40 grams (cut into small pieces)
Potato 200 grams (peeled, then cut into small pieces resembling chicken cuttings)
Fresh carrot 40 grams (peel and cut like potato pieces)
Clean Water 120 milliliter
Broccoli 15 kuntum (cut into small pieces of potatoes and carrots)

How to make broccoli potato porridge:

First enter the chicken meat, potatoes and carrots into the heat-resistant pan. Cook on a small fire and add water to the boil.

After that, close the pot and let stand about 30 minutes.
Next enter the broccoli and then close the pot again about 30 minutes until the soft broccoli then lift.

The final step put all the ingredients into the blender, puree and then pour back into the bowl (allow to cool).
After a cold, broccoli potato porridge is ready to be served to your beloved toddler.

Thus the recipe and how to make a variety of healthy food creations toddlers that you can preview at home to serve to your beloved toddler. Have a try and create your own with 3 healthy toddler food recipes daily that we present this time.

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