Make your Drool, these rows of Culinary Museum in Europe

When planning to visit the museum, which we must have in mind the objects of ancient historical heritage and feel in it. Don't get me wrong, now the concept of a museum so the more diverse. The packaging is made of the present to interest young children visit.

Make your Drool, these rows of Culinary Museum in Europe
Make your Drool, these rows of Culinary Museum in Europe

Like 5 culinary museum in Europe here. Dont just look at replicas of food and manufacturing history, visitors can taste too lho directly. Interested in visiting?

Currywurst Museum, Germany
Popular as a Nazi Country, Germany is the place of origin of the currywurst sausage or meat sprinkled with curry powder. The food is already widely dispersed to the rest of the world, including Indonesia.

As a form of appreciation at this meat-based culinary, founded Currywurst Museum in Berlin in 2009. Visitors can taste delicious currywurst directly served with Fries or bread.

Kaasmuseum, Netherlands
In addition to the windmills and Tulips, the Netherlands is the largest cheese-producing country in the world. Here stands the Kaasmuseum cheese museum, which had already been founded in 1983. Inside lined up a row of racks contains the arrangement of various kinds of cheese.

National Museum of Pasta Foods, Italy
When discussing Italy cuisine, pizza and pasta into a main course. National Museum of Pasta Foods was established in Rome since 1992.

Visitors who want to bring home gift shop a variety of pasta could visit a souvenir shop in it. Please buy up, from spaghetti to lasagne are all available.

Frietmuseum, Belgium
Even though it has become a mainstay food everywhere, apparently had its own meaning fried potatoes for the people of Belgium. The establishment of the Frietmuseum in Bruges presents the long history and development of cereal fries in Belgium.

Here, the fries are popular specialities including all walks of the age. Unlike other countries, Belgium style fries served with assorted sauces are ready to shake up the tongue.

Bread Museum, Portugal
Ye who profess a mandatory visit to bread lovers Bread Museum in the town of Seia, Portugal. The museum founded in 2002 it aims to preserve the ins and outs of Portuguese bread.

There is even a special room which exhibits the traditional bread maker tool at once how it works you know!

Dont just make a salivating, five European culinary museum above will add to the broad wawasanmu of the history of the world.

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